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"You have made each visit a time of relaxation and healing and, just as importantly, a time of connection and pleasant conversation.  I particularly treasure your many thoughtful kindnesses and your insight into the needs and wellbeing of your clients.  You are a person who I am thankful to have in my life" - M, Madison, WI

"Christine has improved my life in every way.  She has treated me for tinnitus, broken toe, fascia problems in the ball of my foot (couldn't walk), recovery from several cancer surgeries and chronic pelvic pain and urinary symptoms.  


Christine is hands-on rather than just prescribing exercises like other PTs do.  She has a natural ability to diagnose and treat conditions that baffle other practitioners.  Six podiatrists told me I needed a toe fusion, Christine was able to restore normal function without surgery.  


Christine is extrememly talented and resourceful, she doesn't give up.  She genuinely cares about her patients on a personal basis.  She has a higher standard of outcome than other PTs.  Christine's natural skill, her concern for her patients, and her persistance make her truely unique."  - P.R.  Janesville, WI

"Christine has an extraordinary ability to analyze the problem.  Her deep experience, together with her diagnostic intuition are extremely valuable, frequently sparing me the expense of costly tests.  
But even better than her diagnostics skill is her ability, once the problem has been identified, to treat it with several modalities.  Despite having several methods at her disposal, she never shies away from the hard work of old-fashioned physical therapy, the kind that takes strength and persistence as well as knowledge.  
She is always good-natured and upbeat.  It is always good to see her.  That cheerful optimism, though, bellies a toughness that I have come to appreciate.  No matter how chronic or resistant to treatment the problem may be, Christine never gives up and never, ever just puts in the time.  This is very unlike the hospital and big clinic physical therapists I have seen over the years. 
The best example I can give in my experience was the therapy I received after extensive knee surgery a few years ago.  The doctor and the hospital physical therapists were rather pessimistic about whether I would be able to play tennis again.  But then Christine took over and would not even consider that possibility.  Over the course of several weeks and the through the hard work of very physical therapy, Christine practically willed my knee to flex and work well enough so that within 12 months of the surgery I was able to play tennis again.  My surgeon was very surprised and pleased.  So was I." - D.R.  Janesville, WI

"Christine is an adept and creative physical therapist with an interesting and diverse set of tools in her PT tool box. I have been delighted at the fast and lasting healing I have experienced under her care, especially most recently for a frozen shoulder.  Amazing work! Christine has excellent knowledge of the body, and knows how to listen to the person inhabiting the particular body :) I highly recommend seeing her and frequently refer people I know who have suffered long or short-term physical dis-ease, exhausting other "body mechanic" providers." - L.C. Madison, WI

"Christine has an amazing ability to zero in on whatever our problem is and find a quick, effective resolution. She has incredible hands-on skills and uses cutting edge therapies to enhance and speed up healing. She cares deeply about giving her very best at every treatment and her cheerful spirit is a joy to be around." G.P.  Deerfield, WI

"Christine has showed me that I don't have to live with chronic pain and discomfort from tension headaches, migraines, and TMJ (jaw) dysfunction. I remember after my first appointment with Christine, I was able to open my jaw with a full range of motion without pain for the first time in many years. My quality of life has improved as a result of seeing Christine. She genuinely cares for each and every one of her patients!" - J.S. Janesville, WI

"Christine has a fine-tuned sense of anatomical structures and is able to determine the core cause of pain and discomfort.  She listens with compassion and skillfully applies her unique and knowledgeable skill set.  She has changed my life by eliminating years of accumulated pain and discomfort!  I will be forever grateful!" - L.K.  Janesville, WI

"Christine provides superior treatment in a genuinely reliable, professional and caring way. I hav suffered from severe facial pressure (in my face) due to a lower back injury for 4 years, Christine has ultimately given me the freedom from medications and chronic pain! There is much gratefulness when I walk out her door and am able to enjoy life as I did before my injury.  As an RN, I appreciate her skill, compassion and endless energy to help others.  Thank you Christine for everything you have done for me!" - D.S. Middleton

"Christine is amazing, I worked with her 10 years ago. First to see if we could prevent a hip replacement. That did not work, but it make my recovery much quicker. While doing rehab, I was able to focus on my second hip and prepare for another replacement. That was even quicker. So I am very happy to say, "this lady knows what see is doing and she gives the best possible care available." She will always be a friend and a great therapist!" - B.B. Elkhorn, WI

Offices in Fitchburg and Evansville, WI are now closed. 

Christine Koth, MPT and founder of Wellness Physical Therapy is now offering online consultations and in-person visits in Walnut Creek, CA

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