Healthcare professionals

Dr. Allison Becker - Accupuncturist and Naturopathic Doctor

Lynn Catlin, PhD - Mat, Cushion and Couch

Susan Frikken, DPT, LMT - Yahara Therapy

Karen Nellesen, DPT

Staci Burkard, PT

Mindful Motion Physical Therapy 

Yoga and fitness

True Nature Yoga

Functional Integrated Training






Offices in Fitchburg and Evansville, WI are now closed. 

Christine Koth, MPT and founder of Wellness Physical Therapy is now offering online consultations and in-person visits in Walnut Creek, CA

Keep up to date with Christine at her personal website

She continues to offer retreats, workshops, online courses on yoga injury prevention, coaching, physical therapy and musings at


We are a member of the Madison Area
Wellness Collective.